About Us

Life on a Hook-100264862-6We Present Programs That Open Your Heart and Connect You to Your Inner Strengths! 
Yes, We Help You Create Your Very Best Life!

Our Dreams

  1. Better Living Institute makes life better for you and those you love.
  2. Better Living Institute is about developing good energy in all the areas of your life.
  3. Better Living Institute teaches that life guarantees unlimited potential to everyone. The key to unlock this potential is your thoughts and then, your actions.
  4. We present programs that open your heart and connect you to your inner strengths!
  5. We help you create your very best life!
  6. We believe you can tap into your own limitless source of divine energy, and we can help by teaching and sharing great ideas that work.
  7. At the Better Living Institute, you will learn about positive life energy, and the principles that govern it.
  8. Our goal is to aid you in more easily creating health, wealth, and happiness so that life becomes more harmonious, balanced, effective, and fun!
  9. We know you can bSpa Stones-100273546egin to have a rich and happy life while living in alignment with your life’s purpose.
  10. We use stories and personal revelations to illustrate how intention is constantly shaping life.
  11. Throughout this site you will find the evidence that a source far greater than any one of us is moving in and through our lives, always assisting us.
  12. The more we align with this unending energy of goodness, the more we begin to witness life’s miracles.
  13. We distribute information and products that infuse the mind and heart with your own amazing center of positive energy. Positive life energy is healing, plain and simple.
  14. We understand that the most important tools that you have to help you connect with the great Consciousness within are your mind and your heart.
  15. When you learn to harness the creative power of your mind, and then focus your thoughts with the authenticity and love of your heart, you, too, can infuse harmony into this world, and into your own life.
  16. Quite naturally, from your own imagination and visuYoga Balance-1000214888alization potential, you can begin manifesting more of the life you desire.
  17. We teach you to take a few moments each day to be still, and connect with your very own inner source of greatness. In this way you can align with your true power of intention. Then you will begin seeing for yourself that miracles do follow!
  18. Whether you are reading our posts, or listening to our podcasts, we delight in stirring your inner core of greatness.