Music to Our Ears

“What’s that noise?” Wee ones come marching with instruments in hand—through the hallway, around the living room, into the dining room, on to the kitchen, around the island. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp to the beat! And, oh what a loud beat it is!003-Music to Our Ears_720x400

Bill and Kira Van Ittersum share the gleeful experience kids can have creating their own first music in this fun-filled discussion. Kids are not bashful, but rather bold and daring in this endeavor! It’s high drama and major impact that they are intending, and with just the right thing to blow, bang, or strum, they are succeeding!003-Music to Our Ears_Piano_354x400

Kira and Bill describe their actual assortment of musical things that they have on hand for their grandkids to play. They hope that witht a few simple, relatively inexpensive musical items of your own, your kids can also begin the journey of exploration that most kids naturally enjoy. Just a few dollars at a Mom-to-Mom sale or three can render you well-equipped to get kids started. It’s a smashing lot of fun for them—and you will love being their audience! Kira and Bill say, “Give it a try!”