Create A Baking Play Day!

If you want to see smiles and hear laughter in your house, have a baking play day with your kids and grandkids! The happy memories will last-and-last, especially if you take lots of pictures with your smart phone—and a video or two!017-Create A Baking Play Day_01_720x400
Listen in as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum share the fun they had with their grandkids on various baking days. On each occasion, great times were had by all and delicious treats were even available to share with their parents!017-Create A Baking Play Day_02_720x400

Ikea “Bolmen” Step Stool
[This one is similar to ours but it is 9-3/4” high instead of 12” like ours.]

Guy Lewis  –  American Muse CD