Super Brain Food – Part 1

When you make eating healthy foods a daily habit, it not only nourishes your body but it increases the odds of enjoying a happy, healthy brain for the whole of your life. So much research has now concluded that eating healthy—fresh, organic, and whole fruits and vegetables, good fats, beans, and good grains—will indeed reduce your “biological” age as your body ages chronologically. Most children, teens, and young twenty-somethings are not too concerned with these findings, unless they have unusual and/or serious ailments.036-Super Brain Food - Part 1_720x400_03
However, once a person reaches thirty, the “uh oh” syndrome begins to arise. You can’t run as far—or as fast, you don’t sleep as well, you may have bouts of “fuzzy” thinking, and your weight begins to creep upward. This problem only increases in your forties and fifties.
By the time you’re sixty, you really take notice and try to reverse things to bring your body back to a new “healthy normal.” Why wait until you have dug a deep hole for your body to stand in? Why not give your body a lifelong gift and start feeding it right?
Listen in as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum discuss “Super Brain Food” over a series of podcasts.  Psst! It’s not only “Super” for your brain, but your whole body as well!

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