Deep Breathing for Life

We all need to breathe to stay alive, but much of the time we just take our breath for granted. Breathing is an act of inspiration, which in its expanded definition means “a divine act to receive sacred revelation.”034-Deep Breathing for Life_720x400
In this podcast, Kira and Bill Van Ittersum share tips and ideas to recognize your breathing as a conscious “tool” for wellness and how you too can train your breath to stimulate divine awareness.

Deep Breathing
by Yoga Meditations, Audio CD

Science of Breath: A Practical Guide
by Swami Rama, Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., and Alan Hymes, M.D.

Science of Breath: A Complete Manual of The Oriental Breathing Philosophy
by Yogi Ramachraka

Breathe Right Now
by Laurence A. Smolley, M.D. and Debra Fulghum Bruce

Breathing: Expanding Your Power and Energy
by Michael Sky

Total Relaxation: Healing Practices for Body, Mind and Spirit
by John R. Harvey, Ph.D.

Breath Taking: Lessons in Breathing
by Lorin Roche, Ph.D.