Magic Makes Kids Happy

Why do kids love magic so much? One reason is that magic can suspend their belief in their rational world. Instantly, magic can transport them to a “Magic World” where the impossible is suddenly possible.007-Magic Makes Kids Happy_720x400

Kids also have very vivid imaginations and magic, performed masterfully, “fires” those receptive imaginations. Kids want to believe and hope—hence the enormous popularity of fantasy literature.

Kira and Bill Van Ittersum think magic encourages kids to observe and to use inferential reasoning and deductive thinking, while at the same time, providing an art form that is both entertaining and educational! Kids, and adults alike, have a lot of fun pondering that age old question, “How’d they do that?”

So, why do kids love magic? The simple answer is that magic is just plain fun!

Simon Pierro: The Amazing iPad Magician as presented on The Ellen Show

Mat Franco’s magic story

Magician Ken Kelly

Justin Willman (favorite!)

Penn and Teller

I Know How You Did That! By Emily Bazelon

Dennis Michael