Creativity Part 6 – Clutter on the Brain!

Just like your physical body, your living space needs to be balanced. When “personal treasures” begin to overwhelm you, it’s time to de-clutter. A disorganized space creates stress that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and emotionally drained. Clutter is like the old saying, “too much of a good thing.”020-Creativity Part 6 - Clutter on the Brain_720x400
Clutter not only affects your ability to function joyfully, it also steals your creative powers! All of us have things that we absolutely love and we don’t want to even think of getting rid of, but are many of these things really being used?
De-cluttering is often a work in progress for many of us—it’s ongoing for sure. Join Kira and Bill Van Ittersum as they talk about some of their clutter issues and offer helpful suggestions on how to de-clutter your space!

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