Finding Your Juice

Experts say that getting engaged in life is one of the top ten things we can do to create more happiness. It’s true; plugging into life can give you the necessary juice to propel you toward discovering and exploring your inner passions. On this podcast Kira and Bill Van Ittersum are sharing some great ideas about things that are easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable to begin doing just that.004-Finding Your Juice_720x400

Of course, finding your juice doesn’t have to involve social engagement at every moment. There are also lots of ways to experience your bliss that do not directly involve others. To ultimately get the most out of life though, sharing the activities that you love—whether it’s the doing or the end result— is really what brings light to your soul. This also enables you to see firsthand how your life can make a difference for the world and for those close to you.

Kira and Bill hope this podcast will help you to get deeper into the game of life, for life really is a game. It’s one you’re creating for yourself one day at a time. So get your piece on the board and make your game a great one! Kira says, “We love your smiling face and we’re at your door asking, ‘Will you please come out and play!’”