Teaching Kids to Meditate

Children are born to copy our behavior. If were stressed-out, out-of-control, impatient, short-tempered, sarcastic—we’re teaching our kids to be the same. But if we’re loving, supportive, praising, patient, calming, harmonious—we’re teaching our kids to be that. Which kind of adult do you want to raise?016-Teaching Kids to Meditate_720x400
Deciding to teach meditation to your children is a great way to get started on the “calm, cool, collected” road of parenting. It’s not only practice for your children, it’s “harmony” practice for you as well. It’s nearly impossible for you to come out of a meditation session all tensed-up and stressed-out!
Listen in as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum share some tips and experiences that will help you start a meditation practice with your family.

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