Starfire Retreat – Episode 3: “Eagle Among Us”

In the continuing saga of the Starfire Retreat: “Eagle Among Us” Katherine O’Connor experiences more healing on this busy 4th of July weekend at the Starfire Retreat, as she discovers, in ways that she could never have imagined, that she is surrounded with the love of friends and community.009_Starfire Retreat_03_720x400
After Nate’s Eagle Court of Honor, Katherine makes an intense connection with someone she has always admired, but had not known in quite the same way. Also, the mystery of the burning chapel begins to unravel, and the answers that unfold are quite surprising.

A Gift for Mom

Kira Van Ittersum presents a special heart warming Mother’s Day Love Story episode, as she tells a tender story of a young woman’s love and appreciation for her mom, and the very personal gift that she felt moved by spirit to give. It was a time when not just any gift would do. She searched her soul and found the perfect way to give the perfect gift—the priceless gift of self.008-A Gift for Mom_720x400

Starfire Retreat – Episode 2: Trail to the Blazing Hilltop

In the continuing saga of the Starfire Retreat, Katherine O’Connor gets help from her friend, Morgan, as she prepares for the busy 4th of July weekend at the Starfire Retreat. Together they learn that the danger she feared from Plankerton Oil is even more real than she had initially suspected. The threat against the Starfire becomes tangible in a way that no one could have imagined, and Katherine and Morgan both make a decision to rise to the challenge.007-Starfire_Retreat_episode02_720x400

Starfire Retreat – Episode 1

Katherine O’Connor has always loved summer life at her grandfather’s beautiful Starfire Retreat, but she struggles to figure out what to do when her grandfather dies and leaves all of his prized estate to her. Taking on the full time responsibility of the estate is daunting, but even the idea of selling her grandfather’s dream is heartbreaking.

006_Starfire Retreat_720x400Join us to see just what Katherine will decide to do, and how her decision will ultimately impact not only her own life, but also the future of the Starfire.

A Mother’s Friend

Kira Van Ittersum tells a bitter-sweet story of compassion and love, as an extraordinary bond of friendship develops between a young boy and a mom after they meet at a Boy Scout camp outing.

A_Mothers_Friend_720x400Their friendship continues and deepens even further as the two, by chance, meet again once the boy has become a young man.  Emotions here run from joy to sorrow, giggles to tears.

Going Home

Kira Van Ittersum tells the tender story of a young girl who has sweet memories of innocent childhood experiences with Grandma on her Grandma’s farm in South Carolina.

GoingHome_720x400It’s an all American tale of life in the rural countryside, packed with family love, and the rambling adventures of two children who shared fun, excitement, and even sorrow in a lush and magical place that was once the seat of their hearts.

Summer’s End

This story demonstrates how compassionate hearts and good deeds, whether toward strangers or friends, can create lasting happiness for others. It also shows that when the heart is ready, the right pathway opens up, and miracles can happen.

summers_end_720x400It’s the end of summer, and Krystal Atwood is leaving her vacation spot and heading home to resume her work life. Unusual events occur on her journey home—and soon after her arrival home—which set the stage for a close encounter that may indeed change her destiny.  Listen as Kira Van Ittersum tells her story of how one connection after another leads Krystal to meet a mysterious stranger, who turns out to be even more remarkable than she first imagined, and how that chance meeting could have a life altering impact on both of their lives.

I Called Him Daddy

You can almost hear the tremor in her voice as Kira Van Ittersum tells this tender, sweet story of the father she loved so much, and how the life of this simple man made a huge difference for others, and for her.I Called Him Daddy_720x400

Kira’s father never possessed a lot of material wealth, but he was a constant giver. The message here is that all of us are important and all of us have much to contribute, whether we are financially wealthy or not. Kira believes that sharing love and caring for others doesn’t cost much and this is the only thing that impacts life with lasting value—listen and she’ll make a believer out you, too.

The Ever-Flowing Cup of Love

In a nurturing voice that soothes the spirit, Kira Van Ittersum speaks from her heart sharing stories that create warmth and compassion. This podcast captures the story of friendship in a kingdom long ago, though the message is timeless. It’s the sweetest story involving kindness and generosity of the tallest order.Ever-Flowing Cup of Love_720x400 A merry young maiden is scurrying about quickly, as it is her routine fashion, eagerly preparing to accept guests about her table. But then, an unexpected event occurs which changes everything on this fortuitous morning, for herself, and also for her friends.

This is the heartwarming story of how extending friendship and kindness to just one stranger among us can have a lasting effect on the lives of many others. Enjoy!