10 Steps for Stress Relief

Everybody has a different idea about what is stressful in life. A situation or an activity that may seem stressful to you might be enjoyable for someone else. So, what’s important for you is that whatever it is that gets you all tense and balled-up inside may be producing damaging stress for you. Here are some signs that you are experiencing too much stress in your life: constantly not sleeping well, frequent and/or prolonged headaches, being angry, often having unhappy thoughts, alcohol or drug abuse, feeling depressed, bouts of low energy.040-10 Steps for Stress Relief_720x400
When your brain is stressed, it signals your body to release a flood of stress hormones, the primary two being adrenaline and cortisol which prepare your body to take on the perceived danger. These stress hormones act on your body by speeding up your heart, making you breathe faster, and releasing glucose into your blood stream to give you a burst of energy. Your body is being prepared for the “fight-or-flight” response.
Join Kira and Bill Van Ittersum as they share the “10 Steps for Stress Relief” to help you retrain your brain to act with happy, co-operative, creative decisions instead of reacting with pre-learned, negative, stress-building responses.


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