Happy Kids Have Healthy Self-Esteem

What is healthy self-esteem? It can be defined as feeling capable while also feeling loved. Self-esteem is similar to self-worth—how much a person values himself or herself. This can change from day-to-day and from year-to-year, but, overall, self-esteem tends to develop from infancy and it keeps developing throughout adulthood.011-Happy Kids Have Healthy Self-Esteem_720x400

Sometimes self-esteem suffers because a person feels judged as less than acceptable to others. This is why it is so important to instill a strong sense of self-value in a child; and to help them in realizing their value from an early age.

However, it’s not our job to mold children into what we want them to be. Our job is to help them grow into what they are. We want to show kids that it’s okay to be themselves, with all of their strengths, and with all of their weaknesses. We want our kids to understand that all of us have things we are good at, and things we may never be good at, and that’s fine. We’re okay and worthy of love just as we are!

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