Step Three – Fulfilling Your Dream!

Dr. John C. Maxwell, a pastor and professional speaker on leadership has this to say about the power of momentum:011-Step Three-Fulfilling Your Dream_720x400
“A train travelling 55 mph on a railroad track can crash through a 5-foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete wall without stopping. That same train, starting from a stationary position, won’t be able to go through an inch-thick block in front of the driving wheel.

“It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It’s a lack of momentum. Without momentum, even a tiny obstacle can prevent you from moving forward. With momentum, you’ll navigate through problems and barely even notice them.”

Kira and Bill Van Ittersum talk about momentum and self-rewards and many other tips to Fulfilling Your Dream in this lively podcast. Listen in and find out how!


Achieve Your Goals: Momentum, Intentions, & Positive Change, by Samantha Roberts

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