5 Top Reasons To Eat Raw Honey

014_5 Top Reasons To Eat Raw Honey_720x400Not all honey at the supermarket is created equal. Are you buying fake honey by mistake? Fake honey is pasteurized, processed (heated and heavily-filtered), and even adulterated with glucose syrup. Some unscrupulous manufacturers even use the dreaded HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) to sweeten their fake honey before they cut it with plain water. Now, what the hey would HFCS be doing in one of Mother Nature’s superfoods? Not on my table, it won’t! And not on yours either, after you listen to this podcast!

014_5 Top Reasons To Eat Raw Honey_02_720x400Listen in as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum explain the virtues of raw honey for your good health and the difference between Mother Nature’s natural goodness and the fake stuff. Raw honey is one of the most nourishing, natural foods. It’s loaded with protein and amino acids that are easily digested by your body. Also, if you eat raw honey that was harvested from your local area, the bee-collected pollen in the raw honey can help your body build immunities to your local pollen allergies. The fake stuff doesn’t have any of this.