Is Sugar Really Toxic?

Kira and Bill Van Ittersum discuss the prevalence of sugar in our food supply, and how our over consumption of sugar is compromising our health by interfering with our immunity to disease. It is greatly contributing to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the predominant diseases that plague our nation today. Because sugar is now so inexpensive, it has become a  hidden filler in many processed foods, and it is also a huge component in fast foods and beverages. It now makes up about 20 per cent of the food that we consume.Is Sugar Realy Toxic_720x400

In fact, the average person consumes two five-pound-bags of sugar a month! That’s 30 to 35 teaspoons per day!  There’s no doubt about it; sugar is addictive! And at the levels that we currently consume, it is also toxic! Listen as Kira and Bill discuss this problem in detail, sharing tips on how we can better recognize the problem, and how we can begin to change our habits around this socially acceptable substance that is robbing us of health and vitality.