Our Experience Using Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for your health. You might say that your life depends on it. Unfortunately, through evolution, humans and a handful of other birds and mammals have lost the ability to sensitize vitamin C. So, all humans need a daily intake of vitamin C from our food, drink, and supplements.

our_experience_using_liposomal_vitamin_c_720x400Though you only need a small daily intake of vitamin C to stave off scurvy and other diseases that lack of vitamin C causes, how much do you need per day to be really healthy? Can you offset a cold virus or the flu with “mega” doses of vitamin C? Can mega doses of vitamin C help reduce heart disease?

Modern research says this is true, but how do you ingest a mega dose of vitamin C? What is a mega dose of vitamin C anyway? Eight to twelve grams daily could be considered a mega dose. If you are coming down with a cold or the flu, then 16 to 25 grams daily, spread throughout the day could also be considered a mega dose. The New Zealand dairy farmer who contracted swine flu was given 100 grams of IV Liposomal Vitamin C for at least two days straight (see video). That certainly is a mega dose of vitamin C. Watch the following 60 Minutes-New Zealand video for this dramatic story!

In this follow-up video from 60 Minutes-New Zealand, you’ll see what you’re up against from allopathic medicine should you want to employ mega doses of vitamin C in your own health therapy:

In this podcast, Kira and Bill discuss their experience using Liposomal vitamin C over a nine month period. They speak frankly about how their daily mega doses act on their bodies, the side-effects, and the effects that missing a daily dose causes.

Listen in and you will be informed while you are entertained, and you may be motivated to try mega doses of vitamin C for yourself!