The Dangers of Fluoride in Your Water

In 2006, the National Research Council published the following statement: “It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” They went on to say, “In a review of the literature commissioned by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fluoride has been listed among 100 chemicals for which there is ‘substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.’”

017-The Dangers of Fluoride in Your Water_720x400Animal experiments show that fluoride accumulates in their brains and alters mental behavior in a manner consistent with a neurotoxic agent. There have now been over 100 animal experiments showing that fluoride can damage the brain and impact learning and behavior. One animal experiment found effects at remarkably low doses. In this study, rats fed for one year with 1 ppm of either sodium fluoride or aluminum fluoride in their water (the same level used in fluoridation programs), had morphological changes to their kidneys and brains, an increased uptake of aluminum in the brain, and the formation of beta-amyloid deposits which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Thirty-three studies from China, Iran, India and Mexico have reported an association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ. One of these studies indicates that even just moderate levels of fluoride exposure (0.9 ppm in the water) can exacerbate the neurological defects of iodine deficiency.

Do you really want this poison in your kid’s water? In your water? Listen to this podcast as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum discuss The Dangers of Fluoride in Your Water.

Podcast Notes:

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