How An Acid-Rich Diet Destroys Your Health

The foods that you are recommended to eat on an alkaline diet are good for you—lots of fruits and leafy, green vegetables, and lots of water. Avoiding refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods is also healthy weight-loss advice, too.

012-How_An_Acid-Rich_Diet_Destroys_Your_Health_720x400There is also evidence that a diet low in acid-forming foods—like animal protein (meat and dairy) and bread—and high in fruits and veggies helps prevent kidney stones, keeps bones and muscles strong, improves heart health and brain function, reduces low back pain, and lowers your risk for colon cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Listen in as Kira and Bill Van Ittersum discuss the “How” and “Why” of an “Acid-Rich” diet verses an “Alkaline-Rich” diet. They give you helpful tips along with their personal experiences of an alkaline diet plan and explain “How an acid-rich diet really does destroy your good health!”